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Sunday, March 6, 2011

missing those time

i start up as a selemuih kid 
playing with dirts
waiting for the rainy season to play with berudu
guli, rounders & galah panjang is a routine game every evening
panjat pokok is a must whenever it is fruit season or just sitting on the bench seeing other kids playing the soda&ice-tea game
building the sand highway dekat atas padang when the unused sand for the hall construction is left on the field
maen aci kejar without changing the school uniform & ended up kene marah dgn mak sebab koyakkan kain skolah pasal maen dekat pokok tumbang punye pasal
but now, i grown up as a sensitif girl
who's learning to fall in love & be loyal
can't even play with the sands anymore for already have the allergic to dust & dirt
easily get the flu & hay fever
glad i have someone to take care of me
i just miss the old days where i can play around without thinking this will make u sneeze, or this will make you cough
childhood moments is as sweet as sugar 
how i miss u :(

p/s: im having flu & hay fever, those that makes me write this

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