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Sunday, May 8, 2011

words for today

last night
I put myself off to bed with a broken heart
broken hope
and broken soul
I sleep with a voice saying that "u are a bad girl. that's why u are being left behind. u deserve to be hate"
for a second I thought, I lost everything...

but when I woke up this morning
I saw abah smiling at me
and mak, with her warm and loving face
it makes me think for a while
I didn't lose anything
they knew me for the past 22 years
I am not a good daughter
sometimes I do bad things
they knew that
but still, they love me
the same way they love me from the day I was born
that's the true love
I didn't lose anything
I didn't have to regret for anything
Allah wants me to learn something from my mistakes
and now, I can let things go with a smile
no more fake hopes
no more fake smiles
no more tears
hey, there's someone out there will grow old with me
it just I didn't have the chance to meet him yet
someday will do :)

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