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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mak & Abah 30th Wedding Anniversary

we do make a simple celebration at Riverfront, Lumut
I made a vanilla-choc chip cake & mak favorite spaghetti.
It was simple, yet, it still sweet
focus on the plate used to put the cake. It was the plate used by mak abah during their wedding day.

30 years pass by and they still love each other . romantic kan?

apart from that, the bitter part
balik celebrate, singgah klinik jumpa doktor sekejap
people, kalau selalu bangun tidur selsema
travel by bus selsema
kemas-kemas umah pun selsema
consult your doctor immideatly *even aku ni pegi lepas dah banyak kali kena bebel dengan mak abah sebab asyik selsema*
you might be suffering from allergy
it's not that bad, it's just make you feel uncomfortable for several days
if it's during holiday, then it will be ok
but if it's during class, I don't think you can focus 100% on the lecture

my medicines
penangan Afrin *ubat paling kuat doktor cakap dia bagi*
dengan hujan waktu pagi
bangun tido tekejut tengok jam
"mak, betul ke jam tu pukul 12?"
mak angguk. ooohhhh

p/s : pergilah private clinic. they offer better services and medicines.

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