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Monday, July 25, 2011


July changed me a lot
it starts with the revealed truth
and in the middle of conflict, I manage to get a part-time job, Alhamdulillah
I am damn busy 
attending classes early in the morning
went to work late afternoon
and stay up for assignments until late morning
I don't even have time to catch a movie either
and if I have free time, I'll rest myself to sleep
weekend is no longer a weekend, but a work-end
I woke up early in the morning to finish up my assignments for I'll be working also on weekend
meet up friends during classes only
but apart of my busy routine, I am very grateful for Allah giving me way to run from all those drama, all those conflicts, and all those double-faces thingy
I get myself busy for I want to forget all those damn thing that happen around me
but sometimes, getting myself busy didn't help me to forget certain things and I pray Allah to keep me stay strong
time will heal everything, Insyaallah
for a second I thought I found my strength, but I just realize it wasn't meant for me
I'm letting it go, I'm back to basic, and if it's ever come back to me, I'll accept it with a smile
and if it wasn't, Allah surely have plan something better for me
in Allah I believe.

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