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Sunday, December 11, 2011

nasi lemak

it's one of Malaysian favorite
nasi lemak usually serve during breakfast
but I had it for my dinner today
I found 4 strongest element in declaring how good the nasi lemak is

First, and the strongest : the sambal

most nasi lemak are rated base on its sambal
"best tak sambal dia?" is the most common question asked whenever people ask me to try out the nasi lemak at new place
no matter how good the presentation is, or how expensive it is, but if the sambal is rated as zero, so the whole nasi lemak will be rated as zero as well.
sambal can be said as the heart of nasi lemak

Second : the nasi itself 

the nasi is cooked with santan and pandan leaves to fragrance the nasi
but what make the nasi lemak rated zero is when the nasi is raw
I've tried to cook nasi lemak once, and it's not easy as it see
until now I'm afraid to try to cook it again.

Third : ikan bilis, kekacang, and timun

most nasi lemak will be serve with ikan bilis goreng, kekacang, and timun slices
they are like a brides-made of nasi lemak 

The last one : telur

it is served in several ways
telur mata and there's some who called it telur goyang, omlete, or boiled 
it is also like a brides-made to the nasi lemak. 

but as time passed
the way nasi lemak served also revolves from its traditional style
nasi lemak now serve not only as breakfast, but you can have it at any time you want with a lot more choices of side dish to be put on the nasi lemak like rendang, ayam goreng, or kari
it is still Malaysian favorite ;D

* pictures taken using Nikon D3100 with macro lens *


dayah said...

pic lawa..guna dslr kan

shahidakharudin said...

ehe time kaseh dayah
aah guna dslr :)