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Friday, January 4, 2013

it's the end of a journey, and a start of a new one

Alhamdulillah, it's 4th January 2013, and I just finished my final paper, International Business, and Alhamdulillah it went well. Am hoping for good marks *angkat tangan berdoa. AMIN*. So, here's a recall of what I've been through along my 3-years study here. I'll make it short.

I started out around January 2010, right after I quit from UNIMAS after 1st semester because of several circumstances. So KPTM is the fastest choice to continue my degree, as I refused to wait for another 6 month to apply for IPTA . Alhamdulillah, and I'm glad Pakcik Roslee family helped me to enter here. I owe  them too much :')
but now, the battle is over...and it's time to face the real world. so Hello Real World! 

shall we?

Preparation for final exams. I mean, the "real" final exam. The "final" final exam! And I still can't believe that I just finished my "final" final exam. Wohhh! *sorry, overexcited*

preparing for Digital Technology and Society paper

preparing for International Business paper

but the things that brought me more tears than being left by a boyfriend is, Final Year Project! HAHA. Yes, Yes, Yes, you'll never know how much it hurts until you have to go through it. Duh!  feels like being stabbed right at your atrium! Especially when things turn upside down in a sudden. Having a complete report and suddenly can't start your window, completed a full system but lost it with just one-wrong-click! *fainted*, and of course, not being able to enjoy a good-night sleep. All you can enjoy is a good-wide-open eyes, doing the report and system, with eating disorder, and of course, laying up the whole night on the bed because of fever strike at the time you need to finish up lots, lots, and lots of work. MasyaAllah. 

here comes the hard time

but yeayyy Alhamdulillah, Allah is always there. Alhamdulillah He guide me through and give me strength to face the rivals. The presentation went well with slight mistake that suddenly occurs. *sigh*. But its okay 'cause its over! HAHA 

here comes the judgement day

and it all paid up today. Alhamdulillah. All those pain, rivals, tears, and war had just ended. 

the satisfaction

So now I'm a big girl, facing the real world, and hoping for a good start, and having Allah to guide me, always. Goodbye KPTM. I hope we'll meet again, but on my Graduation Day, In Shaa Allah.  

terima kasih kerana mematuhi etika pemakaian pelajar KPTMKL *tetiba*

 How time flies :')


Fahmishah said...

Untunglah habis awal.

shahidakharudin said...

huih untung habis fahmi.hahahaha

dayah said...

eh cept tul masa kan..cpt fly lak cidot..

shahidakharudin said...

haah. hihi. amin. harapnya begitu jugak dayah ;)