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Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear Girlfriends,

I still remember the first time when we listen to this song together, ignoring those boring lecture session, pulling out our earphones as soon as we lay our butt on the long chair, pretending that we are giving 110% attention to what was going on in front, not talking to each other, no gossips, and jotting down the notes as much as we can. I miss those moments. I miss my girlfriends. Each time I listen to this, it brought me back to my all-good-old-times in matriculation with my sweet-honey-bunny girlfriends. I fall for this song as much as I fall for our years of friendship. I may not be the best girlfriends you all had ever have, but I believed that the moment I had with you girls, is always the best moment ever in my life. Sometimes, or each times it came across my mind, I do regret with the way I used to treat you, and putting you girls as option when I'm sad and in need of someone. I am truly sorry. But I am grateful, for you girls are always there for me, still. Girlfriends will stick around with you no matter how jerk you are, 'cause they love you for whom you are. And that's my girlfriends.
p/s: I Love You Soul-Sisters <3 p="">
* I am sorry for those broken grammar. I am practicing to read and write better in English*

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